The Magic and Mystic of Hawaii – The Birth Place of Lemuria?

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Some of you may be familiar with the Lost City of Atlantis, but apparently, there was an ancient civilisation before and at the same time as Atlantis called Lemuria.

It has been suggested that Lemuria existed in the South Pacific, between North America, Asia and Australia, however, it has also been suggested by other sources that Hawaii, namely Kauai is the original location of Lemuria, and where humanity began. It is believed that Lemurians were deeply connected to the land, and had love and compassion for each other.

Hawaii is renowned for its beautiful warm sunny days, stunning beaches and kind gentle people, however, having recently returned from Oahu and Kauai, I can honestly say that there is something very magical about this sacred place that goes far beyond the gorgeous weather and white sandy beaches.

Although the beaches are spectacular, it was the unique mountain ranges that took my breath away. It was unlike anything I had seen before. With soaring cliffs and lush green vegetation, the rugged beauty was really a sight to behold. But what struck me the most, was how I felt. For both Rich and I felt like we had returned home, that this was our homeland.

I know many people feel this way when they visit Hawaii, so perhaps there is something to the Legend of Lemuria. A deep and profound connection to Mother Earth and love for all.

Photo: Lisa Morley-Low

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