The identity of who we truly are

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As I sat working on my website, I started thinking about a job title and if I needed one for self-identification purposes. Teacher, Channel, Writer? Nothing seemed to resonate.

It then occurred to me that if we only identify ourselves and others from a perception based on our job title, then we have lost sight of who we truly are, which can lead to the separation in which we feel. When we feel separated we are disconnected from the Divine source of who we are.

 “The elevated sense in your perception of who you believe you are becomes your main focus, and you loose sight of who you truly are and who you came forth to Be”

I recognise that a title helps us identify someone with the work they have chosen to do, but what we have chosen to do is only one aspect, and at the very core of who we truly are is to Be as One.

“When we connect and identify ourselves with the highest soul aspect of who we truly are which is Oneness with Divine source love, then this starts to flow through into all that we do, and we see ourselves and others with eyes of love.”

I may be here to teach, to channel, to write, but I recognise that at the very core of who I am is Divine love, and when I hold that vibration, I have remembered and reawakened within myself the identity of who I truly am.

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