A Conscious State of No Suffering. Living In Harmony, Peace and Balance

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After what may have been a rocky start for some people after touching down in the New Earth in August, it seems that we are now starting to acclimate to our new surroundings. And what an incredible place this is!

Over the past few weeks, the information that has been coming through is that in this state of consciousness, there is no suffering and we feel at peace with All That Is. For we have ascended out of the suffering and into a place where There Is Only Love.

This does not mean that we are detached from the suffering of others or that we are immune from physical or psychological pain at some point in our lives. We are human after all! But within this state of consciousness, you become aware that you no longer need to suffer in order to experience Joy, and you start to hold this vibration as your natural state of Being.

What I have also been hearing is that we are now in a space of being in perfect balance. A perfect balance of both the Right and Left, the Light and Dark, the Masculine and Feminine, our Heart and Mind. Therefore we are operating not from one extreme or the other but embracing and allowing both to exist in perfect harmony, peace and balance.

For when we start to transcend out of our collective belief in suffering, we begin to expand our conscious awareness and by holding a vibration of love, peace, harmony and balance, we naturally draw others into a higher frequency, into a new reality.

Each day we have the opportunity to hold more light, to be in meditation not only for ourselves, but to BE of service to all of humanity and the planet in which we live, regardless of ‘the job’ we may have.

Within this state of consciousness, it is becoming clear that we need to start telling a different story. We need to start BEing a different story. We need to start changing our perspective and how we see the world around us and each other, with different eyes, with eyes of love. 😍

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