In loving service to humanity and the planet, for the greater good of all






The new human

To walk the path of Consciousness and return to our pure and natural state is to allow the Divine to be Soul-ly expressed through you. For those who are aware, for those who have awakened from the slumber, we are now embracing and uniting forces with the God-given light that has been our calling card. We are Free and empowered, liberated and strong, ready to embark on the journey of a lifetime as we enter a Brand New Earth. As new and enlightened beings of this Brand New Earth, we are aligned to the cause, for we recognise the spectacular beauty that surrounds us. We are in awe of what Mother Nature has created and we are here to restore the natural balance between humans and the earth. We are not here to take what we believe is rightfully ours but to begin living in peace and harmony once more. To raise your consciousness is to become aware. To be aligned is to show compassion for all things. To be a New Human in a Brand New World is to express ourselves in ways never possible until now. We are embracing the opportunity and each other, and beginning to live according to the greatest love story ever told. So let us BEgin!

Our Mission

The fundamental goal of Lisa Morley Low is to co-create and be of service to humanity and the planet so that we can bring about conscious change for the greater good of all by restoring Love, Peace, Harmony and Balance.

Photo: Matthew Kane