WOW! What a Difference a Month Makes!

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If you have been feeling unwell lately with possible Ascension Symptoms or if any core wounds have been illuminated for you to deal with (again!) then there is possibly a very good reason why. The energies throughout March were incredibly intense and as such, you may be feeling overwhelmed. For many people, they have suddenly ‘woken up’ with a bang!

I wrote about this recently in What Is Ascension And Why Do I Feel Like Crap? to give you an understanding that this is all just part of the Ascension Process.

For me, March and April were amazing where I experienced many incredible upgrades and energetic shifts and as a result, I have now received some new information which I am super excited to be sharing with you at the next event in May.

So I really hope you can join me as we continue to embark on this magical, and wonderful journey together.

Photo by Joseph Chan on Unsplash 🙏

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