Winter Solstice Blessings

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Happy Winter Solstice Blessings to all those who reside in the Southern Hemisphere! For what you may be experiencing is a reflection of the Solstice energy, as we move into a space of standing still, of being present at this moment in time. This energy may also manifest as stepping back, of taking time out and learning to go with the flow.

We have been given the opportunity to pause and fully appreciate and enjoy the NOW, of being satisfied and content that you are exactly where you need to be. For this is not a time to be preoccupied with your past or wondering what your future may hold. This is a time where we are encouraged to let go and surrender, to breathe in peace and tranquillity and let go of fear and anxiety.

Take the time to be fully present in the NOW, for this certainly appears to be The Calm Before the Storm. I get the feeling that things are going to start ramping up as we head towards the energies of the Total Lunar Eclipse on 27th July!



Photo by Nathan Dumlao on Unsplash 🙏

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