What Is Ascension And Why Do I Sometimes Feel Like Crap?

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In The Beginning

From our understanding, the Universe moves in 9-year cycles, so in 1999 the first wave of energetic light codes burst onto the planet, to reawaken and reconnect us to Divine love. This was our initial wake up call and what has been referred to as the beginning of the Ascension Process, where we make the choice to shift our consciousness from a material and separated world to a loving and connected world. In other words, we clear out all our shit and fear-based beliefs and open up to allow the embodiment of more joy, peace, harmony, and love. Sounds pretty awesome to me!

You don’t need to start dressing like a hippie in order to Ascend. For Ascension is not just for a few chosen ‘Spiritual’ people. It is for everyone! Yes, everyone regardless of religious or political beliefs. It is not dogmatic in nature and although it is a conscious choice, it is my belief that we are all Ascending in some way. We have all chosen to be here at this time, to Ascend at this time, and become the Divine beings that we intended to be.

If you are starting to reawaken, if you have just started your Ascension journey then the words of Chevy Chase may resonate with you:

“Hallelujah! Holy Shit! Where’s the Tylenol?”

For some people, Ascension can be an incredible time and they move into a state of bliss and harmony with grace and ease. However, for most of us, Ascension can be very challenging. It is not just a shift in your conscious awareness where core issues or wounds can be illuminated and brought to the surface in order for you to release, it is also a physical Ascension Process. We literally bring our bodies with us so we are able to physically hold more light and love. This can be a difficult and painful process at times. But I can honestly say, that this will be the most incredible journey of your life! This is about completely shifting your consciousness, about going on a journey of mind, body, and soul.

Your Body Is A House

I like to think of Ascension in this way.

Imagine your body is like a house. As we begin to Ascend, we decide to start cleaning out each room of the house and getting everything in order. We clear out what no longer serves us, getting rid of all the junk and clutter so we can start making space for a lighter and brighter house. The more we clear out, the lighter and brighter we become.

In other words, we ‘wake up’ by switching on the light in each room of the house. When one light has been switched on we journey forward and walk into another room and switch on another light, and another, until all the lights in the house are on. Until we are finally awake! We therefore start cleansing and clearing each room that originally housed our separated fear-based thoughts such as anxiety, doubt, blame, regret, guilt,…well, you get the idea!…until the light in every room has been switched on by you! The owner of the house! By making the choice to clean and clear one room, you will start a chain reaction and before you know it you are going from room to room, cleansing, and clearing, switching on all the lights until you are completely glowing from the inside out! There is no more junk, no more clutter, no more baggage. You are free to start living and breathing with Divine love pulsating through every cell of your being.

Ascension Symptoms

During the Ascension Process, we can sometimes get was is often referred to as Ascension Symptoms which can be both physical and psychological. Some of the more common Ascension Symptoms you may experience are:

Colds and Flu

Sore throat or throat infection

Nausea as well as stomach and digestive issues

Changes in your eating habits. Wanting to eat organic food or sensitivity to certain foods

Sinus pain and pressure

Jaw and teeth pain

Body aches and pain particularly in the lower or upper back and neck


Inability to sleep or feeling exhausted

Feeling like there is a weight on your chest

Anxiety, depression, feelings of stress or panic along with breathing difficulties, irritation and annoyance

Dryness in the throat and a need to drink plenty of water

(Please note that this is not an exhaustive list and some of your symptoms may not be ascension related. If you are concerned about your symptoms please seek medical advice)

Be Mindful Of Your Thoughts

In these times it is important to listen to your body, to rest and be kind to yourself, and check to see if you are feeling unbalanced or ungrounded. (Here’s a simple grounding technique) Writing in a journal can also help you release some of the issues or core wounds you are dealing with. When we are suffering from sinus pain, a sore throat or feelings of anxiety or depression it can be difficult to see things from a broader perspective. However, these symptoms are just an indication that we are receiving and absorbing the light codes, and although our body may appear to be responding in a negative way, it is actually cleansing and clearing all the thoughts patterns in relation to fear, and allowing us to move forward on the evolutionary path and into a higher and more harmonious way of being.

In these challenging and difficult moments, if you can reach for one thought that is more congruent with who you truly are, one song that helps you feel elevated and more aligned, then listen to that song morning, noon and night! Sing and dance! Don’t fall into the trap of thinking that this is who you are! This is just old limiting programs being cleansed and released and when we move through the layers of despair, then we are on our path to creating the most incredible life!

Ascension is not about playing the victim and becoming enslaved to our emotions of fear and doubt. If we choose to get bogged down with all the weight of the negative emotional baggage then we have missed the point. We are here to cleanse, clear, release and let go. For if you choose to play the victim, then that is the reality that you will continue to create. If you choose to keep moving from room to room and switching on the light, then you will start to recognise that this is all just part of the process. That every time we go through another shift, then we are just clearing and making the space for more light. The more light we hold the lighter and brighter we become until we are vibrating and resonating as ONE with Divine love. 

Ascension doesn’t happen overnight. How long it takes for you to clear out each room is up to you. It’s not a case of reaching the top of the mountain or crossing the finish line. It’s a never-ending journey as we are constantly expanding, evolving, upgrading, and embodying. But when we evolve into a higher state of being then we begin to ride these waves a lot easier. We recognise the symptoms and doubt that creeps in as all part of the greater plan to assist us on our journey. We don’t allow it to plague us, confuse us, try to derail us, or go into fear and fall into victimhood. We learn to relax, and as we begin to align ourselves back into our natural state of being, then we move a lot quicker and with grace and ease through the symptoms and feel empowered to move forward on the journey, recognising and knowing that it all just needs to be brought to the surface in order for us to release another layer and let it go. Remember that this is a loving, light energy. This is an energy that is guiding you, embracing you and with you every step of the way.

Often we can go through these Ascension Symptoms without our conscious awareness. Don’t you find it interesting how sometimes everyone seems to be unwell with a cold? We forget that we are all energy, that we are vibrational beings and that we are constantly receiving energy from near and far. Celebrate these clearings. Celebrate these symptoms. Don’t allow yourself to go into self-pity and despair. Shift your focus, be mindful of your thoughts and you will start to see that you become an expert at recognising when you are going through another wave or transitional shift. This is only bringing you closer and bridging the gap between where you are and where you want to be.

If you change your thoughts from,

“Oh, why do I feel so unwell?”  to

“OMG! I just cleared out a whole bunch of junk that was buried deep within me and now I am no longer carrying those negative thoughts around! Thank you Divine energy for illuminating what needed to be cleared and now I am free to move forward, to opening myself up to greater feelings of love.”

If we choose in every moment a thought that is aligned with who we are, then we are opening ourselves up to the most incredible feelings of Divine Love and take it from me, when you ascend out of the darkness and into the loving arms of the light, then you know that there truly is heaven on earth. You live and breathe with the light and love of Christ from within, in every moment of every day.

You Are On Path

Don’t engage in drama and chaos. You are on the path now to creating your own New Reality, your own New Earth. For it is the ones who decide to go beyond the realm of what is seemingly impossible and start creating and believing in what is possible who change humanity. It is the ones who decide to lift up the veil and see what lies underneath, to seek the truth of that which lies within.  It is YOU who is now empowered to make this change, to be the one to live a life of complete sovereignty! 

You are amazing! Give yourself a massive High 5 👏 for having the courage to take the journey, to become part of a growing community who are choosing to reawaken to Divine love. You are not alone and there are so many people available to assist you. You only need to reach out and start connecting with them! 

Remember Ascension is a choice. It is not right or wrong, better or worse. It is an individuals choice and so we need to be respectful of everyone’s decision and not fall into judgment. If an individual chooses to play out in the reality of the material world then that is their choice. If an individual chooses to Ascend into a higher state of consciousness, then that is their choice. Everyone needs to decide what is best for them and what they choose to experience.

If you choose to Ascend, then you are on the most incredible journey of your life and if sometimes you feel as though you are going one step forward, two steps back, know that without doubt, you are always Divinely loved and guided. If you allow and trust the process to unfold, you will create the most joyous life imaginable and be on your way to unbelievable bliss and happiness, inner peace, harmony, and love. ❤




Through Soulful Music Blessings, you are actively choosing to ascend and be bathed in the glory of the light and love of Christ. The more you choose to bathe in the glory of light and love, the more you will free yourself from the discord of feeling separated. You will start living and breathing as ONE.

Photo by Vidar Nordli-Mathisen on Unsplash 🙏




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