Transitioning between Worlds: Time to RISE AND SHINE 🌅

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Hi Beautiful Souls,

I truly hope that you are all well and safe at this moment in time.

At the beginning of March the message came through that we are “transitioning between worlds”. At the time I wasn’t sure what that meant until I received a detailed channeled message a couple of weeks later. I am now being guided to share an abridged version of that message with you all. 😊

A Channeled Message

The consciousness and wellbeing of all of humanity is important, but what you are seeing is not just one event, but a series of cataclysmic events that will shape the planet in which you know it. 

These events, this wake-up call, has been prophesied and forecast for thousands of years, and you are now at the gateway of a new beginning. For this is the return of a new generation of conscious individuals. 

What is interesting and from our perspective is that when events like this occur, you are often reduced to fear, a mindfulness that is difficult to transcend. This is an overall expression of the human conditioning to follow one another, so we remind you during these times to not be caught up in herd mentality and to remain dignified in your decision making.

Allow us now to explain a few things:

There are unprecedented events taking place on the planet as we speak. 
The tragedy that is seemingly being bestowed upon you has been designed to take you into the higher realms and into a higher state of Being. To elevate you into an entirely new state of consciousness.

For this is the moment you have been waiting for. The moment where you could join hands and show humanity just who you truly are. 
You are here to shine, to be a beacon of light, having transcended your own awareness and consciousness, you now sit ready to begin. To begin a life you truly came forth to live. 

Do not be overwhelmed by the events that are unfolding, for this is the return of the light as you know it. This is your moment to shine. To stand sovereign to all others and allow only the light to shine through. 

Allow this time to BE a time of transition, as you are between worlds, the new replacing the old, for that is now Done. The world as you know it has forever changed and you are part of the movement to bring forth a level of consciousness near heard or seen before. 

You are in transitional times and preparing for the coming of the Lord.  You have been given this time to sit and rest, to be at peace. 
It is not a time for collective hysteria, but for collective embracing, a collective recognition of that which is Love. 

Your direction and instructions are this: 
Take the time rest and practice daily mindfulness 
Get plenty of sleep, as the physical body is transitioning into a new dimension. 
Allow the process to unfold. 
Be at peace with what is, and know that you are loved beyond measure
Take a deep breath and Let it Go, and
Be prepared to begin your new life. For what awaits you on the other side is unimaginable glory. 

This is the return of the prodigal son, the resurrection and return of the Lord. 

You are by virtue of who you are one the same and it is now your time to Rise and Shine.  Go in peace. You are as ONE. 


Photo by Zac Durant on Unsplash 🙏❤️

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