The Pot of Gold At the End of the Rainbow 🌈🌟

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Finding My Vocation

There has always been a burning desire within me to find my vocation and speak my truth, my absolute truth! In fact, the overwhelming pressure to fulfill my mission has often left me feeling worthless.

The words would swirl around in my head:

“If you’re not reaching a large audience, you’re not successful”

“If you’re not making money from your mission then you’re worthless”

I would fight these words often, declaring that I couldn’t go on if these things didn’t come into my reality and quick! For how much longer did I need to wait for that moment to arrive where I was going to be successful?

Whilst over the past 10 years I have been living my purpose and fulfilling my mission to some degree, I always had a deep knowing that there was still more to come. I was still looking for that final piece of the puzzle, that defining moment!

The Defining Moment!

Then one night last month, I had that defining moment! I found that missing piece! After all these years, and perhaps after many lifetimes, I had finally found what I was looking for!

This was the moment that I had been dreaming about, the vision I had been shown. Where I would have one of the greatest experiences of my life, and it had nothing to do with reaching an audience, or making money. In fact, it was the exact opposite!

Showing UP!

This moment arrived when I truly showed up! When all the work had been done, when I was ready to leave behind the idea and matrix of success. For what I experienced at that moment stripped away all my fears and left me with the raw truth of who I was.

When I showed up, God showed up also and unlocked within me the key to my souls greatest gifts. I felt the abundance of All That Is and within that moment I was completely FREE.

The inherent internal struggle and battle that had been going on between my absolute needing to know the truth and the idea of needing this to succeed on a material level had at times been incredibly overwhelming. However, since that defining moment, I have experienced absolute freedom from fear and trying to control the outcome to a linear timeframe.

For this moment came when things within my physical reality for the first time seemed to be lacking, and the stress in relation to money was becoming concerning. However, at that moment, and ever since I have only felt absolute peace and clarity of abundance.

Success from Within

As I stood there sobbing and feeling completely overjoyed, I knew that this was the greatest and sweetest victory. For the success that I was seeking was not something outside of me. It was something inside of me and I knew at that moment that the fulfillment that comes from within is the greatest success of all.

Accessing and finding my souls greatest gifts was what I had been searching for all these years. It was showing up and reaching that point in my soulful growth where I opened the treasure chest, where I found my pot of gold.

This was the defining moment where all my dreams came true!

Instantly I had a new mantra:

“I AM Worthy!”

Complete Freedom

Within this new space of freedom, I have no idea or expectations as to where I will go or what will come next. For the first time in many years, I am completely at peace with what will be. No longer am I gripping onto the edge of my seat, hoping and praying that this needs to materialise. For as I now step forth, I have no attachment to the outcome. I am complete and BEING my true authentic self.

For what I have just achieved in my life has been priceless, and worth all its weight in gold. I have aligned with my souls greatest gifts and in doing so I have achieved the greatest success that I could have ever wished for.

This is what I couldn’t see before.

This is who I couldn’t be before.

And now that I am completely FREE, then I can begin again.

My highest soul mission is the pure basis of my Being.

Highest Mission = Greatest Service

When we have these moments that transcend all of who we are, we know that indeed something magical has happened.

For those on this chosen path and journey, to be truly serving at our highest mission, then we must relinquish all the fear and struggle so that we can begin again. To know that our worth is not a measure of what we have on a material plane, but what we have achieved on a spiritual plane.

It is about the elevation of one’s self to a point that is of pure enlightenment, and only when this is achieved can we be of the greatest service to all.

Image by: Laurie Bain  🙏❤️

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