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Over the past 10 years, I have been guided through the various layers of the Ascension Process. This specific path was designed so that I could transcend my own fear and cellular density to embody more light and love. Having reached that point in my Soulful journey where I am Beginning Again, I can now bring forth to You, my unique gift.


Each one of us is unique and has a specific gift. When you bring forth the desire to express yourself with your greatest gift then you stand within a new space and begin to tell a different story.

The gift that I now bring is one of standing before you, radiating Divine light and love. For a burning desire within me to seek this gift means that I am now able to express and BE my true authentic self and to be of service to YOU.


This light is completely brand new and coincides with the birth of our new life. As such, only Richard has experienced this Divine light. Here is an account of what he experienced. Please note: During the sessions, he was guided to shut his eyes and begin breathing slowly and deeply. No words were spoken thereafter.

For all of my recent experiences, on shutting my eyes I immediately felt waves of energy like an undercurrent. I then felt that there was a very bright light being directed at me. So much so that at one point I opened my eyes to check. There was no bright light, but where it should have been was Lisa standing before me. The light was unlike anything I have experienced before, in its brightness and intensity. I could feel the light on my skin and felt a Divine sense of peace and love overcome me”.


This light is now the entire essence of who I AM, a visible reflection of Divine light and love radiating from me.

We are so thrilled to be of service and share this with you, for it truly is something you need to experience for yourself. For when you show up, you shall be gifted with the presence of light and love which has the potential to restore hope, peace, harmony, and balance.

This light will be revealed for the first time publicly on 14th September at Liforce. We can’t wait to see you there. 😊

In service to all, with love and light,

Please note: The personal experience of Richard is his account of what took place and is not a guarantee of what you may experience. As we are all unique then the effects and experience will be different for each person.

Lisa and Richard are not associated with any church or religion. This light is available to ALL regardless of race, religion or ideology. We only ask that you come with an open mind and an open heart. ❤️

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