The House I Currently Call Home 🏠

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House with a manicured garden

Just over 10 years ago in August 2008, we moved into our current house. On reflection, it has never been just ‘A House’, but a place that has provided a stable environment, where a new chapter in my life began.

For not soon after moving in I came into my Spiritual Awakening, where I began to open up to my Clairvoyant abilities and rebirth the Divine and Soul essence of who I AM.

Today I honour and give thanks to the house that we currently call home and all that has taken place here.

Over the next 7 days, I will be sharing some photos of my garden. For out of the dirt and weeds that once occupied this space, I have created my sanctuary, a place of solitude where I love spending time rejoicing in the beauty of watching things grow and flourish. 🌻


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