The Arrival of the NEW HUMAN BEING.✨💥⚡️

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To live a life committed to one’s own personal growth and excellence enables the sentient being to pursue goals beyond their wildest dreams.

This chosen path empowers the individual to no longer conform to the ideologies of the present and modern-day, but to break free and follow the pursuits that are rising up from within. 

To speak of this is to have walked the path. To know of this is to know the inner truth. To allow this path to BEcome YOU is to be enlightened and free from all lower constraints, no longer bound and enslaved to what we perceive ourselves to be.


This journey is both personal and unique and allows you to completely remove and clear all the blockages that have entrapped you so that you are finally FREE of mind body and soul to begin again.  

Whilst it may appear that we have been seemingly quiet over the past few months, in reality, we have been integrating the final freedom codes of God’s greatest creation.

For no longer are we clearing and trying desperately to wipe the slate clean, for this work is done and the cells within our body are no longer clogged with the remnants of an enslaved timeline. We are FREE, yes, finally FREE in all ways to BE only The Light and pulsating with The Light force of God through every cell of our BEing. 🥳

This passageway has been the grand finale, the final goodbye to a life once lived, as we close the door for good on that which has plagued us.

After having been ordained in a Holy Ceremony we literally sit now at the right hand of God. For no longer are we clearing, we are now creating in the greatest way possible and going forth to do God’s work on Earth.🌍


There has been much anticipation about the emergence of the new Human BEing. For those at this next stage of embodiment, they are now embarking on the journey of a lifetime, to go forth as God would have them and be completely free and open for the energy of GOD to move through them.

And whilst we may not recognise this New Being at first as they start to move and walk amongst us, their presence will be instrumental in creating a wave, an energetic life-force that will begin to have the greatest impact known to humankind.


Be prepared to start witnessing the miraculous, to start seeing miracles unfold. For the very best is yet to come, as we touch down literally on planet Earth. We are guided only by that which is the best representation of who we are, for we are God, and God is who we are. 

So welcome everyone to what is going to become the much anticipated, and the greatest good news story of all time, the uprising of the New Human Being! ✨💥⚡️

NB: The ascension process is different for each individual and your reality is in accordance with your own personal growth and journey. My writings may not resonate with all, for they are intended for those at this stage of embodiment. As I have always stated, it matters not where you are on your personal ascension journey, just that you are evolving and moving forward in accordance with who you are. For this is the greatest gift that you can give yourself. Be proud of what you achieved and never give up. For what awaits you on the other side is nothing short of incredible and an enlightened state of consciousness that is beyond your wildest dreams. 🌈💖

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