Standing In The Energy Of A Super New Moon!

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I don’t normally feel compelled to write about the cycles of the moon, but I felt drawn to mention that the New Moon that is occurring today is a SUPER NEW MOON!

What also makes this Super New Moon special is that forms part of a Trilogy of Super New Moons which are occurring today on 14th June, 13th July and 11th August!

A Super New Moon is when the moon is at its closest point to Earth and appears slightly brighter and larger than any other time of its monthly orbit.

Therefore today appears to be the beginning of a powerful gateway and portal of what is to come in the next few months.

So get ready to start focusing on and setting your intentions, your goals, your dreams and desires, as this Super New Moon energy is all about you thinking what it is that you are wanting to manifest and create not only yourself but for humanity.

Love is life. Life is love. 💖

Photo by brenoanp from Pexels 🙏

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