Saturday 10th March


Please join us at Liforce for a Free Soulful Music Blessing.  

The words Soulful Music Blessing were specifically chosen as the concept is based on connecting you with Divine soul aspect of who you are, through the vibration of music and vibrational frequency of light and love.

There are three components to a Soulful Music Blessing.

Firstly a song will be played which is chosen to allow you to start relaxing and receiving the vibrational frequency that I am bringing through;

Secondly, I will deliver a message that is divinely inspired; and

Thirdly, another song will be played that has also been divinely inspired. This will be a song that has been specifically chosen for the group or individual to hear.

The final piece of music can be a song from Queen, the Beach Boys, Frank Sinatra, or Michael Jackson. Whatever the group or individual needs to hear, then that is the song that will be played.

During a session, you will be seated whilst I will stand at a short distance away from you. When I start bringing the energy through during the first song, people have initially described the feeling as a tingling sensation or warmth in their hands or body, but often it is within the next 24 hours where people may start to notice a difference.

That tingling sensation or warm feeling may continue to last for 24 hours or longer as your body starts to absorb the light frequency in which it has received, whilst some people have reported feeling very energised. You may also start to notice a difference in your general wellbeing.  As we are all unique then the effects and experience will be different for each person. Even if you don’t feel as though you are receiving or sensing anything, I can guarantee that you would have received exactly what you needed.

It is my absolute passion to start sharing this with you so I look forward to meeting and connecting with you soon.

Includes afternoon tea, so please stay and mingle with like-minded people.

No pregnant women or children under 16, please.

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