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For the past 5 months, my husband Richard and I have been hosting Soulful Music Events at Liforce in Malvern.

I have always had a love and passion for music so it was no surprise when I began my Soulful journey that the two would merge and become the foundation for this exciting adventure.

I want to share with you the songs that we have been playing for the past 5 months, as some of you may be interested to know what kind of music has been Divinely inspired.

So here is your Playlist. I truly hope these songs resonate with you and that you enjoy listening to them.

Much love and many blessings. 💖

March Playlist
1st Song: Lux: Golden
2nd Song:  Shallou: Begin (Am I Waking You Up)

April Playlist
1st Song: Lux: 100 Billion Stars
2nd Song: Cold Play: Sky Full of Stars

May Playlist
1st Song: Massive Attack: Weather Storm
2nd Song: Michael Jackson: Can you feel it

June Playlist (Winter Solstice Event)
1st Song: Nu Meditation Music: Karma
2nd Song: Lanterns: Birds of Tokyo

July Event Song Playlist:
1st Song: Keith Jarrett The Wind
2nd Song: What the World Needs Now


Photo by Mark Solarskion Unsplash  🙏

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