Our Missions Have Begun

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Standing At The Doorway

After many years of doing the inner work to clear our own density, we are now standing at the doorway, ready to step through and begin our service missions. Ready to begin the life we truly came forth to live.

Extension of Divine Love

In late 2019 we launched our I Love You campaign. A campaign where the intended purpose is to step out and show up in various places and locations. For our service mission is about returning to the basics and showing that through a simple act of kindness, we can spread Light and Love where it is needed most.

Today I begin my service mission by starting my role as a Volunteer at the Royal Children’s Hospital in Melbourne!!

I am beyond excited, for this is the moment I have been waiting for. The moment where we begin stepping out as an extension of Divine Love.

You are Unique

The Ascension Process allows each person to awaken at their own choosing. Whilst many people are starting their service missions, others are just beginning to ‘wake up’.

Where ever you are on the journey matters not. What is important however, is that you adhere to the calling of your own path and destiny.

For we are ALL a Divine Source of Love, here to spread joy, peace, and harmony in whatever way is unique to you.

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