My Spiritual Journey

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Hi. I’m Lisa and this is my story.

In looking back upon my life, I believe my initial wake up call came in 2001, however it was not until 2008 that I came into what I will call my spiritual awakening which was not soon after my second child was born. However, I was not convinced that this was my path or purpose so I ignored the calling and continued being a wife and mother to my two young children.

In 2013 I was diagnosed with a rare cancerous tumor in my bowel. After major surgery and then being advised that cancer had spread to my appendix and lymph nodes I remember sitting in the hospital wondering if my body was indeed trying to tell me something. A large part of my life had been plagued with illness so was this the wake-up call I so desperately needed? I remember talking to a nurse in the hospital and she asked me if I had read the book You Can Heal Your Life by Louise Hay. I had been given Louise’s book nearly 25 years ago, and although I remember reading parts of it, it was not until that moment that I realised that this was my tipping point, this was the moment in my life where I needed to start living.

In 2014 both my children were at school. I was still recovering from the surgery but thrilled that after numerous tests I was advised by my oncologist that I had no further traces of cancer. I decided that this was the year to not only work out how to heal my life but also to find my true purpose, my true reason for being. I had previously studied music and taught violin for many years but had always found myself searching for that one thing that I was truly passionate about and that came naturally to me. And so at the age of 43, I decided that it was time to find it. I could never have imagined what would unfold next.

I began by reading Louise’s book, which started me on my journey to true recovery, and my husband also gave me a recording of Abraham’s teachings through Esther Hicks. Once again, I had been introduced to Jerry and Esther Hicks’ work back in 2009, but it was only then that the words and the teachings started to resonate. I was finally ready to hear them.

In May 2014, I received and felt an overwhelming sensation to start meditating. It became apparent almost immediately during the meditations that something was moving me, turning my head, breathing me. I now realise that this was my first contact with Elijah. I then received another overwhelming sensation to start writing down my thoughts and feelings, and not soon after, it became clear that it was no longer me who was writing my thoughts, but my hand was being guided to write inspiring and profoundly wise words and messages that were instrumental in helping me to release, let go, and heal my own life.

For nearly 12 months, with the help of my husband, we posted inspirational messages channeled from Elijah and I facilitated channeling sessions for people who were seeking their guidance and wisdom.

In November 2015 we published their final message. It became apparent during the course of this month that they were predicting that the universe was entering into a new phase with the arrival of an energetic wave of love unlike no other.

Little did I know that as the Elijah phase was coming to an end, another phase was just unfolding as I continued raising my conscious awareness to align with and embody this wave of energetic love.

In September 2016, I received strong intuitive guidance to travel to New York. The guidance was very specific and I was advised that I needed to be there by 9th November, as I would be receiving a ‘download’.  I was unsure what that meant so with an incredible amount of faith and a whole bunch of trust, I packed my bags and went to New York!

On the night of the election, I found myself surrounded by more than a hundred people who were becoming increasingly distressed about the election results. However, as the chaos started to intensify around me, I began to feel an overwhelming sense of peace, calm and stability and although I didn’t understand or recognise it at the time, this was the moment in which I started to embody the light frequency of Christ Consciousness. This was the download that my inner guidance had been talking about!

As I watched people becoming visibly distressed, I continued to sit within that space and offer a vibration of harmony, peace, and love. In the days following, I then had another incredibly profound experience where I was shown that no matter who you are, when you are in this space of allowing the light and love to embody you, you only have eyes of love for all, no exceptions!

Since that moment I have continued to allow this frequency to literally light me up from within, so that I may bring this gift of love to others and assist in raising the conscious awareness of humanity.

At Music College, I majored in Film Scoring which is music that is either composed or specifically chosen to enhance and complement the story. Throughout my spiritual journey and to complement my story, I have always been guided by songs. For instance, when I received the message to go to New York, the song that was Divinely chosen for me to hear was New York, New York.

It is my soul mission to marriage the vibration of music with the vibration of love which enhances and complements the story, and through this union you will experience a reawakening of the Divine soul aspect of who you are.

For this new wave of energy carries with it the unique signature of Christ, and it is through our ascension that we can open up to receive this embodiment.

This is a time for change and we are starting to see within ourselves what we can truly create. A cleansing of our old cellular selves and the embodiment of our new ascended selves.

When you reside within this frequency there is but only love. You perceive everyone with absolute love – no exceptions!

This is truly an incredible time to Be Alive! We have all chosen to be here at this time, to journey at this time, to ascend at this time, and to witness the power from within to become the ascended Beings God intended us to Be.

With the embodiment of this light and love, I now step forth and become the greatest expression of who I AM, through the offering of Soulful Music Blessings!

I hope you have enjoyed reading my story. I am thrilled and excited to be able to share my soul mission with you, and I look forward to having the opportunity to meet you soon.



Note: Although I am still in vibrational alignment to receive Elijah’s words of guidance and wisdom, this service is no longer available.

This is not a religious form of expression, but a soulful form of expression as we connect with the Divine aspect of who we truly are.

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