My ascension path and the symbolic relationship with the numbers 9, 11 and New York City! An interesting coincidence?

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Exactly one year ago I began writing this blog post as I wanted to document my thoughts in relation to my ascension path. I had been looking back over the course of my journey, putting together all the pieces of the puzzle thus far, when I started to notice an interesting correlation between the numbers 9, 11 and New York City. I have now decided to share this blog in order to honour my own ascension path and what I consider to be an interesting coincidence 🙂

Please note that this blog makes reference to the dates 11th September 2001 and 9th November 2016. In Australia where I live, we read 11th September 2001 as 11/9/2001, but in the USA this date is read as 9/11/2001. Similarly, the 9th November 2016 in Australia is read as 9/11/2016 and in the USA this is read as 11/9/2016.

My first visit to New York was on 26th August 2001. I remember very clearly during my week-long stay in New York, standing at the base of the World Trade Centres, looking up and observing the incredible structure and breathing in their overwhelming presence. I left the USA bound for Canada on 4th September, exactly 1 week before 11th September.

In September 2016 I received strong intuitive guidance to travel to New York City. As I had previously been there, I was unsure why my inner guidance was directing me to return. I was advised that it was important for me to be there by the 9th November. So with an incredible amount of faith and a whole bunch of trust, I packed my bags and went to New York!

On the night of the election, I found myself surrounded by more than a hundred people who were becoming increasingly distressed about the election results. However, as the chaos started to intensify around me, I began to feel an overwhelming sense of peace, harmony, stability, and love. Although I didn’t understand or recognise it at the time, this was the moment in which I started to embody the light frequency of Christ Consciousness.

Even though I had plans to go out the following day, my inner guidance directed me to stay in the apartment and just sit in a vibration of love and stability. The next day, I had an incredibly profound experience where I was shown that no matter who you are, when you allow the embodiment of Christ to light you up, you only have eyes of love for all, no exceptions!

What we are beginning to understand is that the Universe moves in 9-year cycles, with a large wake-up call starting in 1999. Although the initial wake up call began in 1999, it is my firm belief that on 11th September 2001, we received the first download of incoming light codes of Christ Conscious energy. It is difficult to comprehend that a download of Divine love and light would be received on this day, but if we look at this from a broader perspective, these codes were designed to assist us in transcending out of the fear and devastation and continue along the path of ascension, until we received the full embodiment of Christ Consciousness energy on 9th November 2016. Again, these light codes were activated within us and designed to shift our consciousness out of fear and chaos, and into a vibration of unconditional love, peace, and harmony. Yes! Christ truly had landed on planet Earth and we literally woke up and became alive with the light and love of Christ.

I now recognise that being in New York just before 11th September 2001 was the beginning of my initial wake up call and 9th November 2016, consummated the embodiment of Divine light and love. It was my job to be there on both occasions, to receive the incoming light codes so that I could ground and anchor them into my body and continue on my path of ascension in bringing forth this Divine vibration of love.

It is through our allowing that we are now beginning to wake up with the light and love of Christ from within, and we are ready to start creating and becoming the greatest expression of who we came forth to Be. Ascension is a never-ending journey, and as I continue to evolve, I know there are more pieces of the puzzle to come. For one very interesting piece of the puzzle which prompted me to start looking at the correlation between the numbers, 9 and 11 in the first place was that I was born at 2.22pm on 11th September, 11/9 or 9/11! What an interesting coincidence!

Photo by Todd Quackenbush on Unsplash 🙏

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