The Soulful Journey

Hi, I’m Lisa

I was born and raised in Melbourne Australia during the 1970s, where we spent our weekends and holidays riding our bikes and playing with all the neighborhood kids. It was an amazing time to grow up but as I got older, I started to ask questions like “Why Am I Here”? and “What Is My Purpose”?

I always had a feeling that there was more to life, much more, however, I could never have imagined that these initial questions would set me on a path of consciousness, an evolutionary path of ascension out of one reality and into another.

In 2008, as I began to “Wake Up” to our true identity and nature, I became Clairvoyant almost overnight. šŸ˜³ As I continued to evolve along the Ascension Path I then activated my ability to channel higher beings of wisdom called Elijah.

In the years following, I realised that not only was I ascending out of one phase and into another, I was also clearing all the fear and cellular density that had been holding me back from reaching my true Soul Mission – to become A New Human in a New Earth.

Life Experiences

When we begin to wake up to the true consciousness of who we are which is Love, we can go through a myriad of experiences that can range from exhilaration to desperation. These experiences can be both physical and psychological.

My physical body has endured a number of experiences, namely sinus and bowel issues which led to the discovery of a cancerous tumor in my bowel in 2013. There have also been psychological experiences which lead to suicide attempts in 2004. I realise now that all these experiences were part of my decision to ascend out of a reality based on fear, and into a New Earth reality based on love.

Home Life

I have always had a love and passion for music so, at an early age, I started playing the violin. My love for music continued and I later went on to study music at College where I majored in film scoring.

I am very happily married and have 2 school-aged children, a Blue English Staffy, and two Tuxedo Cats. We love travellingĀ and spending time in nature, especially going for walks and being at the beach.

The New Human

For those who have been pursuing a consciousness beyond their wildest dreams, we are now stepping into our Second Life, our Brand New Life to complete our Final Mission. For we are not meant to look back on our physical life and see it as one of despair. But to shine the light and honour all of our experiences as they hold the key to what we have created so that we may share with each other our own unique story.

This mission embraces all of who we have become for we are finally stepping forth as the God-given souls that we are. We are no longer clearing, but creating as New Human beings upon this wondrous earth. šŸŒ

My passion and soul mission is to be of loving service to humanity and the planet by helping to restore harmony peace and balance. For we all have a role to play in how we treat each other and Mother Earth, for the greater good of all, especially our children!