Lions Gate 8/8 2018

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On the 23rd of July, we moved into the Zodiac Sign of Leo which is represented by the symbol of a Lion.

Today however, marks a very significant and auspicious day and is often referred to as the Lions Gate, as this is when the Sun, the star Sirius, and the Earth all move into alignment.

For us, this means that today there are increased and accelerated waves of light and energy that can assist us in moving into a higher state of consciousness, creation, and manifestation.

This can have a huge effect on our lives and can cause changes in things such as our relationships, living arrangements, career or life mission. Know that any change that you may experience at this time is only assisting to align you with your higher authentic self, and connect you with Divine light and love.

The Lions Gate remains open until 12th August so set your intention for being open to receive, of allowing yourself to connect to the love that is the truth of who you are and then wait for the magic to unfold.

Wishing you all an infinite amount of love and blessings during this incredibly radiant time. ✨

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