Its Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas 🎄

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Christmas Tree

I have always had a love and passion for Christmas, coming together with family and friends in celebration. However to my surprise, when my Spiritual and Soulful journey began, my love for Christmas grew!

At the time I didn’t understand the connection, but I realise now that it is not the commercialisation of Christmas that I am drawn to, but the birth of Christ from within.

My Spiritual Awakening has lead me on a journey of developing a relationship with Christ, of having a greater understanding of Divine love through the embodiment of his light.

Christmas can mean many different things for people, but if we awaken to its true meaning then we know that this is a wondrous time to enJOY the celebration of Christ-mas or the rising up of Christ-on-mass, of Divine Love from within!

It is my hope and dream that we all have the opportunity to return to our natural state of BEing, of allowing the light and love of Christ to rise up from within, so that we can live in greater peace and harmony. To me, this is the true spirit and meaning of Christmas.

I wish you and your family a wondrous time in the lead up to the 25th December!




PS: Our family enjoy spending time together putting up the Christmas Tree so I wanted to share with you a short video. Who would have thought there was always time for someone to dance “The Floss”! 😃 🎄

Please note: This is not a religious form of expression, but a Soulful form of expression as we connect with Divine love.

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