Initiation, Temptation, Graduation!

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Hi beautiful souls,

I hope you are all traveling well and enjoying this glorious day!

It has been an incredible ride these past couples of months. Not only did I have an amazing holiday with my family, but there has been an abundance of things going on energetically.

I won’t go into all the details, only to say that I have been through what I can only describe as an Initiation, 33 nights of Temptation, then Graduation. Woo Hoo! 😃

I wanted to share with you a message that I received a couple of weeks ago as this sets the tone and is the prelude of what is to come.

You are now in a space of everything being ‘effortless’. You don’t have to try “To Be”, you “Just Are”, it “Just Is”.

There is no effort to it, there never was. You are “As ONE” as you always “Have Been”.

You don’t need to try and persuade anyone of who you are, because just your BEing, just your presence does the talking.

This is the space that you are now in. The joy and freedom in completely knowing that you are as ONE with the Divine.

You know you are SAFE.

You know you are DIVINELY GUIDED.

You know you are LOVE.

You know you are AS ONE.

You are now in a constant state of Bliss, for “What Is” will BE and Is for your highest good.

To Love and to BE Love.

You are Divine in all ways.

Now that the dust is beginning to settle, I am starting to receive some new and incredibly exciting information that is in alignment with the New Earth experience. This information and energy is available to all of us, for there is no separation, we are all connected.

This really feels like the beginning of my soul’s mission. To share this new information, to bring this new healing energy to the planet and to be of service to all.

I can’t wait for this months event where I will be discussing more about this exciting new phase in our conscious evolution.

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