Harmonic Resonance: A Shift From Reawakening to Restoring!

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In 2008 I came into my Spiritual Awakening which activated my clairvoyant abilities. At our third event in May, I felt guided to start sharing some exciting information which I had been receiving over the past few months. I am thrilled to now be sharing this information with you.

So whats been going on?

At the beginning of January, I received a message that there was going ‘To Be An Explosion‘, that things were going to ‘Go Bang‘! Often when these messages come through it can take some time for things to integrate and manifest, so I was very interested and eager to see how everything was going to play out.

Around this time I also received the following message.

The unity of ONENESS is the whole of who we are. In order to experience this exquisite wholeness, you must indeed recognise that you are living and breathing with the light of Christ. Within this space of wholeness, you have a profound awakening and acknowledge that you are souly (solely) connected to that which is divine and the physical body is your physical vessel.
You begin to view things from a different perspective, a soulful and divine perspective where everything is pure joy, bliss and harmony. You have a deep sense of knowing that you reside as ONE, that this is who you truly are. 
You are experiencing this because you have chosen to ascend, to light up, to raise your conscious awareness to reside as ONE, to no longer be disconnected from, but connected in all ways so that you are living with absolute certainty that heaven truly does exist on earth. You radiate divine love because you have reached that place where only love exists.
Within this space, you do not alter your state of consciousness from ONENESS even if the physical body is experiencing pain or discomfort. You remain in alignment to light and love, to joy and happiness, knowing that your soul resides within a realm that is pure in nature and ONE with Christ. The greater broader aspect of self-does not see the physical distraction or symptom.
The ONENESS and togetherness is so great that there is no separation from that source. You literally are having a physical experience whilst residing within the consciousness of heaven. Therefore there is no greater experience.
LOVE is who we are and as we have ascended to allow this vibrational frequency to embody us, we will start to see just what the physical body can do with the reincarnation of Christ pulsating through every cell, through every fibre of our physical being.
Harmonic Resonance & Restoring
At the beginning of March, I felt as though there was going to be a major and significant shift, that this was the time when things might ‘Go Bang’! The energies throughout March proved to be very intense, then in April I had an incredible experience where things really did explode and Go Bang! I was told that:
A Soulful Music Blessing is based on aligning you with the harmonic resonance of Christ Consciousness and when you are in the vicinity of this frequency, your vibration will begin to align with the harmonic resonance of the light and love of Christ. When you are vibrating at the same frequency then the harmonic resonance of Christ Consciousness has the potential to restore imbalances of the mind, body, and soul.

I then received the message that ‘This is no longer about reawakening you. It is about restoring you!’

What is harmonic resonance?

Everything has a frequency and vibrates at a different harmonic resonance. The light and love of Christ Consciousness is one of the highest forms of harmonic resonance.  When you align your frequency and become a perfect match with the love of Christ, then you are vibrating at the same harmonic resonance.

An example of this is when you have two tuning forks. If you take one tuning fork and strike it on the side of a table, you will notice that it starts to vibrate at a certain frequency. If you hold the 2nd tuning fork close to the first one it will start vibrating at the same frequency. The two tuning forks are now vibrating at the same harmonic resonance.

This is what you are experiencing when you align with the vibrational frequency at a Soulful Music Blessing. The more you engage in this frequency, the more you align with the harmonic resonance of Christ, the more light and love you will embody to become a perfect harmonic match.

The Shows About to Begin!
Just prior to the last event in May I received the message that something is “brewing under the surface“. I also got the feeling that we are currently experiencing and going through a major transition, a shift out of the old reality and into the new reality, into the New Earth. A shift from being reawakened, to being restored! So with the upcoming Winter Solstice in June and the Total Lunar Eclipse in July, we are in for an incredibly interesting and exciting time! The shows about to begin!

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