Goodbye 2018 And Hello 2019!

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Happy New Year!

Hi and welcome to 2019!

I think I can safely say that many people are relieved that 🔥2018🔥 has come to an end, having experienced a very challenging and tumultuous year. In fact, for some, it may have been their most challenging year to date! So goodbye to 2018 (Phew! Thank goodness that’s over!!! 😃) and hello and welcome to 2019! (Yes! For me, energetically it feels as though today being 11/1 is the start of the New Year!)

Personally, these past couple of months have been quite difficult (which is why I have been offline and needing some time to integrate these powerful upgrades.) There has been so much going on energetically, that I have felt like I have been put through the spin cycle on the washing machine and then left to hang out to dry! It has been mentally exhausting, unknowing where I am going or which direction to take.

However, these last few days I have started to come back online. (Yeah!) I now have some clarity and a greater understanding of why many people experienced a challenging year and what we can expect moving forward.

In order to move along the evolutionary path of consciousness, we have seriously been clearing out anything that didn’t serve our highest good. i.e. relationships, housing, jobs, old timelines and realities, the list goes on…

Whatever we needed to ‘clear out’ was removed in order to make space for us to step into the next phase of consciousness, to embody more light and Divine love.

In order to step into this next phase, we couldn’t take anything with us that was essentially a thorn in our side!

Often in these times of darkness and amidst the chaos we can lose hope and wonder what does this all mean. Why I am going through this? Why am I having this experience? What’s going on!!!! 😫 We can find ourselves no longer Living, and just Existing and scraping through by the skin of our teeth! We can often feel challenged in almost every area of our lives and at this moment it can be difficult to see the bigger picture and what it all means.

What’s important is that we try to remain focused on moving forward during these times, on not falling into victimhood, to know that we are always loved and guided and that out of the darkness we are drawn into the light.

So what I have been hearing is that we have now stepped into a Brand NEW timeline, into a Brand NEW reality which is why 2018 was a huge year to assist us in making sure we didn’t bring anything with us that wasn’t for our highest good.

This year some people may find that they need to move location in order to fulfill their soul mission, having completed the groundwork in order ‘to move’ into the next stage.  Some people may find that they begin to change direction, opening up to a different path in order to fulfill their mission. Others may be ‘pushed out of their comfort zone’, so watch out for any new doors that begin to open for you and be ready and prepared to say YES and step through with faith and trust!

In 2019 we will begin to see what grows and flourishes when we are no longer weighed down with the baggage that was holding us back from moving forward and fulling our greatest potential. We are no longer just existing, we are now LIVING and BEING!

I wish you every happiness and a huge amount of love in 2019. I hope it’s your best year to date, and that you are driven to fulfill all of your passions and desires. I can’t wait to see just what’s in store!

In love and service to humanity and the planet.




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