Death Is Not The Final Word (Song Included)

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It seems that in western culture, the word death and discussions around dying are still taboo, for people often fear death and see it as final. Yet in many cultures, there are sacred rituals which celebrate the life of the person who has deceased.

It is important to remember that we are all spiritual beings in a physical body having a physical experience, which includes not only the birth of the physical body but death. The body is just the vessel which houses our spirit, so when it has fulfilled its purpose, we begin to make our transition and journey back to another plane of existence, back to the Divine.

We all grieve in a mirid and variety of ways, however when someone transitions, we can often feel overwhelmed with grief, for the pain of losing a loved one is almost too much to comprehend. We can feel lost, heartbroken and in a state of anguish and despair especially if their transition is seemingly too soon, unexpected or tragic.

We miss their physical presence and the ability to speak to them, give them a warm embracing hug, see them smile and hear their laughter. We miss the excitement of the dog that greets us with its wagging tail or the comfort in the sound of a cat purring. In these times we need to honour our emotions, to shed tears and cry, but through all the pain, through all the sadness, it is important to remind ourselves that death is not the final word and we can draw strength from knowing that we never truly die. We just transition.

If we are able to talk about death and accept it as part of our physical experience, then we can approach it from a broader perspective. For this period of transition is not just about loss and grief, but one of love and peace, celebrating and remembering their life with a smile.

Every day is a Blessing and we should give thanks for the physical experiences and time we have on the Earth plane, and know that when we choose to make the transition, there will be a road, a path that we will travel and within the light we will be greeted by the very souls and loved ones that have gone before. What an awesome occasion that will be!




PS: When I started writing this blog I was gifted with a song which I want to share with you. I’m sure we have all experienced loss at some stage in our lives and I love how this song reminds us that we will be together again.

Check out the song here.

Check out the lyrics here.


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