A One on One Consultation with Lisa is based on aligning you with Healing Frequency of Infinity. Whilst it is not important that you have a full and comprehensive understanding of Conscious Evolution and the Frequency of Infinity, what is important is that you come with an open heart. Therefore, by booking a consultation with Lisa you are acknowledging that you are ready to receive a shift in consciousness.


AUD $100 per consultation

Payments can be made by Cash, Credit Card (Visa and Mastercard) or Paypal.

Please note that $1 of every consultation goes towards a Charitable organisation.

Gift Cards also available

Consulting Times

Saturday 10am – 2pm

All consultations are held in Chelsea 3196, Victoria.


Please ensure that you arrive on time for your consultation, so that we may provide a fair and timely service to all clients.

We appreciate and fully understand that sometimes arriving late is outside of your control. However, if you arrive more than 10 minutes late, unfortunately, your consultation may need to be cancelled. This is due to the fact that Lisa will not be able to perform the healing within the remaining time frame as each consultation will finish exactly on time as a courtesy to our next client.

In the circumstances where you are unable to attend your consultation, please provide us with 24 hours’ notice and we will happily reschedule another time. This gives us the opportunity to offer your consultation to someone else.

If you need to reschedule your session please contact us

Thank you so much for your understanding. 😊