Are you sick of feeling tired, stressed and overwhelmed?
Do you suffer from anxiety or depression?
Are you interested in exploring a deeper connection to who you are and why you are here?
Are you ready to receive a wave of Light and Love that will help transform you out of fear and into Love?❤️

It is my passion and soul mission to assist you in reawakening your mind, body, and soul, and returning you to LOVE.

In a One on One Consultation, you will receive the pure essence and vibrational frequency of Light and Love. For many, this encounter can be an uplifting experience as you immerse yourself in The Light. It can open your heart and give you a renewed sense of Love and compassion as you return to your natural and pure state of Being.

Here is what one client had to say about her experience:

“I have attended Lisa’s group events as well as had some one on one sessions with her.
With Lisa’s guidance, feelings and emotions were put in perspective and her gift of channeling light and love on a deeper level was a feeling I have never experienced before.
Throughout the sessions, I felt tingling in my hands and feet and experienced a glow and surge of warmth within my heart. I felt relaxed and calm and afterwards, incredibly energised and happy.
For days afterwards the strangest thing that occurred for me was that people were wanting to be in my presence and strangers were engaging with me, communicating or just giving a beautiful smile.
I felt that this was a direct result of the divine love that was channeled through my whole being, via Lisa’s incredible strengths and gifts. I felt very loved and that I had so much love to give others. I was subconsciously giving to those around me, the love that was given to me. For that, I am so fulfilled, honoured and grateful.
I am looking forward to continuing my sessions with Lisa and excited about what I may receive from here on and where this journey may take me. 
Thanks, Lisa you are making a massive difference in every aspect of my world.”
🌻 Cath

I can’t wait to meet you and look forward to connecting with you soon.


AUD $100 per Consultation

Payments can be made by Cash, Credit Card (Visa and Mastercard) or Paypal.

Please note: AUD $1 of every consultation goes towards a charitable organisation.

Gift Cards also available


Saturday 10am – 2pm

All consultations are held in Chelsea 3196, Victoria.

(If you need a consultation outside of these hours please contact us and we will try to accommodate your request)


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Please ensure you arrive on time for your consultation, so that we may provide a fair and timely service to all clients.

In the circumstances where you are unable to attend your consultation, please provide us with 24 hours’ notice and we will happily cancel or reschedule another appointment.

To reschedule your consultation please contact us

Thank you so much for your understanding. 😊