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When I feel the Divine flow and creative impulse within me to write, I know that I am being guided by the hand of Consciousness.

Over the past month, the amount of information coming through has been unprecedented and at times a little overwhelming. 😯 (‘The Call” to be writing all through the night is something I have never experienced before!) Due to the volume of information coming through, I have divided this Blog Post into 2 parts.

Part 1: The Cycle of Consciousness contains information that I have spoken about previously. However, I have been guided to briefly share this with you again, as this has been the process and stepping stone to Part 2: Pure Consciousness.

So please enjoy this longer than usual Blog Post. 😊

Part 1

The Cycle Of Consciousness: Moments of Clarity, Moments of Confusion.

The Ascension Process is where you begin to wake up and choose to shift your consciousness and your physical body to align with Divine frequencies of light and love. As a result, many people are now living in a reality that is no longer based on fear, but one that is based SOUL-LY on Love.

The process and conscious impulse that has been propelling us along the Ascension Path affects us both emotionally and physically. I call this process The Cycle of Consciousness.

But what is this process and how does it effect us? 🤔

Moments of Clarity

Initially, you will have moments where you are flowing and pulsating with new consciousness and creativity. Not only do you feel at peace and in harmony, but you can feel empowered and invincible! Nothing can stop you and you feel on top of the world!

In these moments of great vision and clarity, sit quietly and listen to that inner voice, that inner guidance. Take note of what you are hearing. What are your next steps? Trust in this voice, for this voice is in alignment with your heart and the truth of who you are.

Physical Body

After you have experienced moments of clarity, that consciousness and energy gets absorbed into your physical body. When this happens you may experience a headache, have the onset of a sore throat or symptoms of a cold. You may get stomach cramps or have digestive issues, feel exhausted, or be unable to sleep. You can also have jaw, shoulder and neck pain. These physical ailments are often referred to as Ascension Symptoms.

As this consciousness hits your awareness and your physical body, you are literally embodying higher frequencies of love and light. This light is being absorbed into your cells, and as a result, you are literally pushing out all the crap that has been stored there. When this gets pushed out and brought to the surface we then go through the next stage: Moments of Confusion. 😧

Moments of Confusion

Along with the physical symptoms, you can also experience moments of confusion, anxiety, doubt, and fear. You can feel overwhelmed, stuck and unable to move forward. Any issues that need to be dealt with are being brought to the surface at this moment in time for you to clear.  

Again, keeping a journal and writing about all the issues that are coming up for you is a helpful way to release and clear the anxiety and doubt. Meditation and spending time in nature can also help bring you back into balance. Refer to the notes that you made when you were in those heart-centered moments of clarity, as they will help you stay in alignment to the truth of who you are.

The Cycle Of Consciousness

Whilst the above information may be familiar for some, others may be hearing this for the first time. There are many blogs, articles, and books that have been written about this topic if you are wanting to go deeper. My role at this point in time is to simply bring it to awareness so that you understand the Cycle of Consciousness and can be more accepting of the process.

For regardless of where you are on the Ascension path, we ALL go through this process. Having an awareness has helped me enormously as previously I would get caught up in the fear and overreact to the doubt.

But over time I have learned to give love and show gratitude for this truly incredible process, where we allow Divine consciousness to assist in lighting us up. Not only do we get the opportunity to clear and expel all the heaviness that weighs us down, but we literally become lighter with thought and body. For we all chose to have this experience so that we could ascend to greater conscious awareness.

Begin to notice Cycle Of Consciousness. Know that you are always Divinely guided and loved, for YOU ARE on path to becoming the Divine soul that you came forth to be.

Part 2

In order to understand what we are now experiencing, we must have clarity and understanding of what has come before. The Cycle of Consciousness has been the process which has been in place to assist us on our Ascension Path and journey.

Pure Consciousness

Over the past couple of weeks, there has been a rapid increase in the Consciousness that is now streaming forth to the planet. We are therefore in a constant state of receiving this Consciousness. For those who have ascended to this point, we are no longer experiencing that which has been, we have ascended to the point of moving into Pure Consciousness.

We are no longer bound by the process of “what was”, we have now transcended to a pure and Divine state. Having walked through the web of confusion, we have now wiped the slate clean, for this is a Brand New Beginning.

Consciously Streaming

We have now streamlined the process! For those who are attuning themselves to this live broadcast, you are now open to receive and have it play out in your reality, continuously, effortlessly, instantaneously! This consciousness is now streaming so that you can move forward at a pace never seen or experienced before.

We are ready to take the next step forward, to be bold and courageous. We are ready for miracles to occur. For we are now receiving a direct and uninterrupted line of Consciousness to bring forth our unique and GOD’s GREATEST GIFTS.

We are now at the forefront of a new creation:

Instantaneous Abundance Of All Things.

We Can See Clearly Now

What is it that we have been waiting to see?

What is it that we couldn’t see before?

With this accelerated level of Consciousness, what we couldn’t see one minute, we can now clearly see.
What we couldn’t perceive one minute, we now have greater clarity and understanding.
All that we have been dreaming of, is now coming before our very eyes. To be who we couldn’t be before.

We have streamlined the process, we are seeing results instantaneously, we in the flow of the Abundance of All That Is, so

Let the fun begin! 🤩

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