What an incredibly exciting time it is to be here.
For it is within this time and space that we are now stepping forth and becoming the greatest expression of ourselves.
It is as upon this day that I step forth and allow my true authentic self to unfold.
It is now TIME to shine.
As you emanate and prepare to come forth, dusting off the fibers that are felt from having been contained within the comforts of your cocoon, you emerge poised and ready to greet the world with the new expression of who you truly are.
The absolute soul purpose and essence of who we truly are is to BE as ONE.
To be the true expression of oneself takes courage, but to allow the flow of Divine light ensures that you are being guided every step of the way.
For me, this is no longer about sitting and writing about it. It is about living and breathing it.
The greatest expression of who we are, is to live and breathe with the light and LOVE of Christ from within.
As we journey into a New Reality, into a New Earth, we allow the light and LOVE of Christ to embody us from within and it is through this embodiment that we are elevated to a higher state of consciousness, into our natural state of BEing.
I AM as ONE with Divine Unconditional LOVE.
Through my allowing, I have connected with my soul’s destiny which is to bring forth this frequency so that you may experience the vibrational offering of the love of Christ.
I can’t wait to start sharing with you the true essence of who I AM, of who WE ARE.
* Please note that this is not a religious form of expression, but a soulful form of expression as we connect with the Divine aspect of who we truly are.