Barbara Marx Hubbard

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Barbara Marx-Hubbard

Over the past 6 weeks, the energetic frequencies have been incredible which is why I have been  off-line for so long. I realise that in these times I need to honour the work that is being done and take the time for integration and then interpretation.  

Friday 5th April was a particularly interesting day filled with incredible highs and incredible challenges. During the afternoon I received a message of which I will share part thereof.

“There is a strong call for those souls who have been ascending to now go home. Your work here is done. It’s Time to GO. You are complete and have completed your mission upon earth.  

For souls now returning, know that you came to set forth in motion an initiation, an initiation to return to God so that you could BE Free.  

This is a very transitional time, unlike no other. The intense waves of light will pull you in the direction you need to go. Allow the flow of Divine light to guide you.”

Barbara Marx Hubbard is one soul who made her transition earlier today, resulting from complications due to knee surgery performed last weekend.

She was the founder of the Foundation of Conscious Evolution. As a pioneer and futurist, she introduced the concept of Conscious Evolution, an evolutionary shift into a new human being. 

My goal and dream was to meet her one day and to share with her my vision for the future. Although our meeting will not take place in physical form, I know that she will continue to guide us as we strive for a more harmonious, peaceful and loving planet, having completed her mission on earth and made the decision to go home.

We honour you, we love you and we thank you Barbara. You touched the lives of many and made an incredible difference to humanity and the planet. For that we are eternally grateful. ❤️🙏

“My mission is to tell the story of the birth of ourselves as a universal humanity, awakening all of us to our unique opportunity to participate through our own conscious evolution.”
Barbara Marx Hubbard

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