An Evolutionary Shift of A Lifetime.

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Ascension Picture

For those on this chosen path and journey, we have just experienced an extraordinary event – an evolutionary shift of a lifetime. For never before have we ascended en masse to a space of That Which Is Akin To God.

Resonating Themes

This monumental shift in consciousness took place in March and the beginning of April, and the resonating themes throughout this period of time have been:

As Above, So Below: On Earth, As It Is In Heaven
Soul Embodiment
Death and Rebirth
That Which Is Akin To God

After all these years of holding faith and trusting in the process, we have arrived, literally at heavens door. For we have bridged the gap and are now living On Earth, As It Is In Heaven.

What is remarkable is that not only have we ascended our conscious awareness, but we have done this whilst being in a physical body! This has never before been possible and yet here we are! It is a phenomenal achievement and extraordinary beyond all measure.

We are now Complete. We are now as ONE.

What Can We Do?

This is a space of uncharted waters, and now that we are here:

What can do within this state of consciousness?

What are we able to achieve?

Are we a new breed of human as it has been foretold? Or have we just returned to our natural and pure state of Being, a restoring of who we truly are?

Brand New Space

This truly is a Brand New Space, a Brand New Level of Consciousness. It feels expansive and all-encompassing, infinite and completely sovereign.

Wherever you are on the evolutionary path, know that you are on the journey of a lifetime. For you came forth at this moment in time to partake and witness this fundamental shift and change in the trajectory of humanity and the planet.

To say this is super exciting is an understatement! For we truly are on the precipice of something Extra-Ordinary! I don’t think we have fully grasped just what has been achieved, but for now, we are accumulating and getting ready to move forward in the evolution of our consciousness.

Watch this space…😃

Image by Jan Alexander from Pixabay 🙏❤️

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