A Return to New York City!

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When I arrived in New York a couple of weeks ago I was unsure of how I would feel or what to expect. I was told many years ago that there was a connection between myself and New York City, and whilst I found this information at the time quite hard to believe, I am now beginning to consider that there may be something that keeps drawing me back. 

My first visit to New York was in September 2001, just one week prior to 9/11. My second visit to New York was in November 2016 after I received a calling to return, and now I have just visited New York for the 3rd time in September 2018.

Each time I believe I have received the necessary activations and initiations which have been instrumental in assisting me on my soulful journey. 

There is something quite profound and remarkable about New York. Millions of people visit this city each year, and whilst we may feel that we are drawn to the sights and attractions, perhaps there is more to it than meets the eye. 

I ❤️ NY

Photo: 9/11 Memorial and Oculus (Dove of Peace) in the background.

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