We're Lisa and Richard.

In 2008, we embarked on an incredible journey of love. Having transcended our own shadow emotions, we are now beginning our true service mission, by bringing forth to you the pure essence of Light and unconditional Love.

The Light

Through the stillness of Lisa’s presence, you can feel the radiance of Light and Love. For within the presence of Light you can find Peace. Within the warmth of Love you can find hope.

For many this encounter can be an uplifting experience as you immerse yourself in The Light. It can open your heart, and give you a renewed sense of Love and compassion, as you return to your natural state. Our role is to share this Light and Love with ALL. For within the pure essence of Light there is no separation.

We lovingly invite you to come and experience this for yourself.

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Our Mission

The fundamental goal of Lisa Morley Low is to co-create and be of service to humanity and the planet so that we can bring about conscious change for the greater good of all by restoring Love, Peace, Harmony and Balance.

Photo: Matthew Kane