We're Lisa and Richard.

This is such an incredibly exciting time as we embark on the next phase in Conscious Evolution, by combining the Soulful aspect of who we are, with the latest advancements in Digital Technology.

Conscious Evolution

The speed at which we are shifting our consciousness is unprecedented, constantly expanding to embody the highest forms of love and light. As we continue to evolve, we also recognise the incredible growth being made within the realm of Digital Technology, for neverΒ before have we been so accessible to each other!

Our role is to be at the forefront of blending the Soulful, Lisa with the Digital, Richard and co-creating and pioneering a new way of BEING. By embracing all aspects of Technology we have the greatest capacity to BE in service and spread the vibration of Divine Love.

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Our Mission

The fundamental goal of Lisa Morley Low is to co-create and be of service to humanity and the planet so that we can bring about conscious change for the greater good of all by restoring Love, Peace, Harmony and Balance.

Photo: Matthew Kane